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Before we get into the details of what localizer is and how it came to be, it’s crucial that we look at what developer environments were and the motivations behind the ones I create.

What is the Goal of a Developer Environment?

Ever since I wrote my first ever developer environment for the now-defunct StayMarta, I’ve always focused on one thing: ease of use. For a docker-compose based development environment, this was a relatively simple task. Create Docker containers, write a compose file, declare ports, and they’d be available on my local machine. It was as simple as…

We all have that first project that sticks with us forever, well mine was a small API designed to handle low load traffic for my school. It handled cases and student attendance. It never saw the light of production due to me moving out of the area, but it was enough for me to learn about a platform called “express.js”. I had just dived into Node.js.

Monolithic, Microservice? You’ve lost me.

Before I get too far ahead, let’s stop and take a moment to talk about what exactly monolithic and microservices are. Monolithic essentially, in this use case, means that everything is within the same…

Jared Allard

Software Engineer/SRE Hybrid obsessed with containers, Kubernetes, and everything in-between.

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